ZipShares AI Indexes

  • ZipShares Systematic Indexes: ZipShares is an artificial intelligence-based index of best performing S&P 500 stocks. We use factor-based investment methodology coupled with neural network-based index rebalancing process. ZipShares tries to replicate best in breed factor-based long/short investment strategies used by major hedge funds. Transparent methodology and monthly rebalancing schedule make it easy to implement ZipShares as an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). Contact us about licensing.

Hedgium Artificial Intelligince Trading Advisor

  • Hedgium - Artificial Intelligence Trading Advisor Program (AITA)
  • Would you keep your money in the bank that wants to charge you a monthly fee as well as a withdrawal fee? Obviously not. Why would an insightful investor then entrust his / her money to hedge fund managers that can never beat S&P 500?
  • Hedgium is an automated hedge fund with 0% annual management fee.
  • Enjoy full benefits of profitable AI-based ETF strategies and enhanced risk management. Never pay exorbitant hedge fund fees. Ask us about licensing and platform distribution opportunities.

ZipQuant Investment Forecasting Services

  • ZipQuant is a neural network-based trading signal financial service covering over 4,000 liquid instruments including U.S. equities, ETFs, commodities, and FX
  • Years of operation: 2015 - 2016